Hikes put together by Sarah Ward
Posted July 11, 2016


We have a new hiking leader!!

Sarah Ward has generously stepped up to take over leading the hikes!! Thank you, Sarah!

Sara will be posting hikes shortly.

A great big "THANK YOU" to Adrianne Middleton for stepping up and leading a bunch of hikes, in a time of need after Bob passed away, despite her health problems!


You may contact Sarah at .

All hikes meet at the usual bench in the Boulder Public Library parking lot on Canyon Blvd. just West of Broadway in Boulder.




Pics of the Memorial Hike for Bob onOctober 25th:



General Information

The five  basics:  Drive yourself if you have to return early,  Stay with the group, 
Focus On Each Step when hiking, be Considerate of others and be prepared.

Hiking is great fun!  Each hike is unique!  Different people and different locations. You get to see spectacular sights and meet new people.

Group hiking has the advantage of sharing the experience, costs and having help if needed.
SinglesHikes is a hiking group (zero profit) based out of Boulder Colorado.
It is open to hiking adults.  No joining the group or RSVP is needed.  Just show up.
Bring a friend, mention the web site, copy the flier and post it or email it to a friend.
Remember your conditioning improves as you hike more.

Where we hike
We hike in Local Parks, State Parks, National Forests, the Indian Peak, Rock Mountain
National Park and more.

Where we meet
We meet by the red benches and flagpoles in the northeast Boulder Library Lawn area.
Park in the lot south of 11th and Canyon, Boulder.  For north hikes the secondary meeting place is the
Stone Cup in Lyons on US 36.  For south hikes the secondary meeting place it the Conoco/Loaf n Jug
in Golden north of the 93/6 junction.  We will stop at the secondary places only if it is mentioned
on the website and in the notice for that hike.

What to bring
Be prepared! The weather can change at any time.  Be prepared for sun, heat, rain, wind, snow & cold.
Suggested: Bring a day pack, sturdy hiking boots, water, raingear.  Snacks or lunch on Sundays. 
Dress in layers. Bring a hat, sunblock, whistle. 
Helpful in winter: thermos and yak tracs or treads.  Park fees are shared.  Bring you RMNP pass.
We carpool.  Please pay gas money to your driver. 
Donation for the hikes is 3 or 4 dollars. It helps pay the computer, website costs.

The Friday hikes are easy or easy/mod.  The Sunday hikes are easy/mod, moderate, mod/stren or strenuous.

Happy group hiking needs some rules

Hike at your own risk.  no dogs please.