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Welcome to the SinglesHikes.com (also known as Boulder Singles Hikes).


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* Please send Bob your e-mail address to receive weekly hike notices and updates:  Bob1Jenn2@cs.com 
* Upcoming Sunday hike is listed on SinglesHikes.com under schedules.

* Hike often for the scenery, the exercise, and meeting new people.
* Hikes meet at the parking lot south of 11th Street and Canyon Boulevard in Boulder.
* Park in the lot and wait for the group to assemble near the red benches and light poles. (see photo)
* From US 36 (28th Street) head west on Canyon Blvd. Cross Broadway (12th) and take the first left into the parking lot. 

Get map and directions.
* We carpool. Passengers please pay gas money to your driver. 
* We share park fees. Bring your RMNP pass.
* Hikes begin and end at a trailhead.
* Hike at your own risk.
* No dogs please.
* SinglesHikes.com is a zero profit group.  Donations are $4
per hike and help pay the expenses.        

Meeting on the sidewalk south of 11th Street and Canyon Boulevard before the hike


* The Hiking Group started in 1990.  Since then Bob has taken people on over 2000 hikes!
* We visit some of the most scenic places in the area: mountains, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, rock formations and more.
* We visit County and City Parks & Open Space, State Parks, National Forests, Indian Peaks & Rocky Mountain National Park.
* We hike on almost every Sunday of the year.  Some hikes are schedules for other days.
* The Sunday hikes most always meet at 9am.
* The hikes vary with the weather and season.
* The Sunday summer hikes may start earlier, may be longer and be to more exotic locations. 
* The Sunday summer hikes return time is usually mid to late afternoon.  Later for long hikes.

* On some Sunday hikes Group A will do a shorter hike. In winter all the hikes are at lower elevations and closer to Bouldler.
* Short thunder storms occur in the summer. The clouds travel west to east.  They are localized and pass over quickly.
* We seldom get rained on. Usually by the time we get to the trail the clouds are usually off to the east.
* If the clouds are evident at the trailhead we may wait in the car until they pass.
* Sometimes the leader may change a hike to a less cloudy area.
* Hiking goals may be abandoned or changed if weather, lightning, ice or other conditions warrant.
* If a sudden storm approaches then leave summit and rock tops immediately even before putting on raingear.

* Beginners should start with the easy hikes.
   easy - hikes on flat ground, or minimal elevation gain on trails that last up ot 90 minutes.

   easy/moderate - longer hikes with more elevation gain.

   moderate - longer hikes with moderate elevation gain and possible cross country
   We sometimes do more difficult hikes.

* The hikes are open to all adult hikers. Age group varies. Group size and makeup varies each time.
* You are encouraged to participate often.
* Bring a friend or tell someone about the hikes. Mention the website: www.singleshikes.com 

Please follow these guidellines to make the trip safe and enjoyable for all.
* The leader and the members of the group want to enjoy the hike so please be cooperative and considerate of others.
* We will be hiking as a group where the leader will wait periodically for the rest to catch up.
* Do stay behind the leader and ahead of the rear leader.  Let the leader lead!
* If you are falling behind, want to stop or want to leave the group CALL OUT and let the leader and the group know your wishes.
* Do not crowd the person in front of you and stay back at least  4' from the person in front of you on steeper sections.
* Please warn the person behind you of some difficulty on the trail.
* Never  take off on your own and this includes in storms because this will cause the group to have to look for you.
* When lightning is present the leader may stop hiking and have the group lay low until the threat passes.
* We will stop for some special overlooks, lunch and snack breaks and bathroom breaks.  Don't continue alone.
* Do know the general plan of the hike. Keep track of the route. What is the final destination?
* Do keep track of your driver and where the car is parked.
* Be properly equipped for the trip planned. 
* It is better to come on a Sunday when you don't have something planned after the hike.  You could drive your own car.

Your health and comfort while hiking depends on how well you are prepared. 
Unprepared or unqualified hikers may be asked to come another day.

* Hiking boots are necessary and should be sturdy and have good traction.
   Don't skimp on boots.  If you plan to hike a lot then buy a good pair of boots. 
   All leather and waterproof is best.  Lighter ones for easier hikes.

Shorter Hikes

   * Daypack

   * Water is the most importnat item.

   * Raingear - A waterproof rainsuit or poncho is recommended.

       You will be warm and dry in a downpour.

   * Flashlight

   * Sunglasses and sunhat.

   * Sunblock

   * First aid kit

   * Pocket knife

   * Matches

   * Kleenex.

Longer Hikes
   * All the items for short hikes

   * Lunch

   * Extra food

   * Extra water

   * Extra warm clothing

   * Camera

   * Binoculars

   * Cell phone

   * Flower books

   * Notebook

   * Wool socks, gaiters.

   * Dress in Layers.  Examples: Down vests, fleece, sweaters, synthetics, gortex or nylon shell, parkas.
   * Winter hats, gloves, scarfs.
* Thermos
   * Long underwear.  Don't forget a T-shirt in case it is a hot winter day.

Thanks to everyone involved in making these fun hikes possible.
The web site is under construction so let us know your ideas.

See you on a Hike!

Hikes organizer:
Bob Baumgartner 

(Note: Bob is also a potter and pottery teacher.  His pottery can be seen on the website.)
Please contact Bob about his pottery or pottery classes at: Bob1Jenn2@cs.com. 

Contact Bob Baumgartner: